Active Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

To meet the capacity requirements and provide seamless RF coverage inside the buildings, Frog Cellsat Ltd emerges as the leading solution provider for Distributed Antenna System (DAS). DAS leverages the potential of multiple distributed antennas for enhanced RF coverage in subways, tunnels, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, parking areas, and high rise buildings.

Frog Cellsat has designed and deployed DAS solutions to meet the unique needs of its customers for various in-building coverage enhancement requirements such as Metro Tunnels, Airports, Important Heritage Buildings etc. The experience of working closely with RAN OEMs and Wireless service providers enables us to continuously innovate and upgrade the oneDAS™ for customer specific coverage and capacity enhancement solutions

Active DAS consists of three-stage system, that is,

  1. Point of Interface (POI): It’s a combining/splitting unit used to multiplex multi-technology and multi-operator signals in the network.
  2. Optical Master Unit (OMU): It converts the incoming multiplexed RF signal in to an optical signal, which is transmitted over the optical fiber to feed Remote Unit.
  3. Optical Remote Unit (ORU): It converts the optical signal into RF signal and feeds to a network of distributed antennas for broad range of coverage. The Uplink follows the route back from the mobile station to the BTS.

Under Active DAS family Frog Cellsat offers:

  1. Fiber DAS: It boosts up the RF coverage through optical fiber network.
  2. Digital DAS: It’s an advanced version of Fiber DAS based on Base Band processing using Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology and supports CPRI