Digital DAS

Frog’s Digital DAS solution provides extended wireless services throughout a building or multiple buildings. It’s the most flexible, scalable, and reliable solution to address coverage and capacity needs for current and emerging wireless networks available in the global DAS market. Its architecture consists of three major components: Digital Master Unit, Digital Hub Unit, and Digital Remote Unit.

The RF input from multiple BTS units is transmitted to Master Unit. It combines multiple technology inputs and converts them into a digital CPRI data stream using FGPA based DSP technique. The converted signal is transmitted through single mode duplex CPRI cable to the Hub system by using an SFP+ transceiver module to achieve higher transmission rate. The optical connectivity can be extended for eight Hub units from a single Digital Master Unit.

Digital Hub Unit acts as the central switching hub for the system. The digitized data stream gets distributed through CPRI connectivity to the different Digital Remote Units. Digital Hub Unit extends its optical coverage to seven different Digital Remote Units. Digital Hub Unit controls the physical ID of connected devices and provides an easy to monitor and control environment on Network Management System (NMS). Additionally, single Hub Unit can manage up to 14 different Digital Remote Units.

Digital Remote Unit is a low power multi band operational device. In Digital Remote Unit, CPRI data stream from Digital Hub Unit is converted back into RF signal and transmitted by using in-built antennas. It also has the provision of linking an external 3 dBi Omni antenna to the device for increasing its coverage area by using the cascading feature. The Digital Remote Unit can be monitored and controlled by NMS.