Fiber DAS

Frog Cellsat’s Fiber DAS solution consists of Point of Interface (POI) and Optical Master Unit (OMU) located at the base station site. OMU distributes the signal over dedicated fiber network to Remote Unit (RU), designed for discrete mounting in both indoor and outdoor environment. The RU distributes the RF signal to antennas over coaxial cable through splitters, couplers, and other passive components.

Fiber DAS POI interface connects various BTS, Small cells, and Repeaters to the OMU. The POI shelf consists of different interface modules, each supporting a single band, which in turn can be connected to different carriers. POI interfaces various technologies over a wide range of frequency bands. Each interface module can be either duplexed (single port for TX/RX) or un-duplexed (separate ports for TX/RX) configuration, which is enabling connection to different BTS.

Fiber DAS OMU converts RF signal into Optical signal for transmission. It’s technologies-agnostic system and supports multi-operators with multi-technologies. At the remote end, the signals are converted back into RF for propagation in the local area. It supports low and high power multi-band, multi-technology remote units. 

Fiber DAS RU covers major cellular bands and technologies including GSM, DCS, CDMA, WCDMA, and LTE. Remote Unit provides an exceptionally low noise figure and lower group delay by reducing interference to BTS, and thus  ensures optimum performance and maximum throughput. The offered Remote Unit can be indoor (IP55) or outdoor (IP65) type.