External Interference – UBiFiX™

  • Solution for protecting LTE cell-sites from external in-band interference.
  • Proven protection against vast portfolio of broadband and narrowband interference scenarios with true KPI improvement
  • RF and CPRI solutions available

PIM Mitigation – PiMFiX™
  • Centralized Architecture utilizing downlink components for optimal performance.
  • High cancellation performance achieved regardless of number of PIM generating sources.
  • Trial exhibit >12dB cancellation and pre-PIM Noise-floor restoration.

PiMFiX™ Platform- PIM Interference Mitigation

PIM protection of up to eight LTE radios (RRUs)

  • Up to 25dB of tangible PIM cancelation
  • Restoring pre-PIM noise-floor
  • Centralized processing architecture
  • Utilizing downlink transmission components

Significant network performance improvement

  • 2U rackmount front-access enclosure
  • Seamlessly installed between RRU and BBU
  • Zero e-NodeB configuration requirements
  • Embedded Optical Line Protection

Control and monitoring options via UBiView™ :

  • Configuration and monitoring
  • View of collected signals and spectrum

Simple and quick installation

  • Uplink voice and data KPI
  • Regain downlink transmit power
  • Cell coverage and throughput optimization

UBiFiX Platform- External Interference Mitigation

Network signature detection

  • LTE signals go through transparently.
  • Non-LTE further processes

Interference analysis and classification

  • Wideband, Narrowband or Combination
  • Multiple overlapping / non-overlapping signals

Simple and quick installation

  • Combine Polarization / Diversity streams to generate cancellation pattern