Frog Cellsat's range of Frequency Shift Repeaters provide cellular coverage to sites that cannot be covered by conventional solutions. It is a point-to-point repeater system overcoming donor antenna isolation problems through frequency translation.

The system comprises of two working parts:

1. BTS Unit: This unit receives the BTS signal through a direct coupler close to the BTS and converts it into a link frequency. It then amplifies this link frequency and transmits it to the Remote Unit through Link Antennas

2. Remote Unit: This unit receives the Link Signal and translates it back to the BTS signal which is then transmitted to the service area where network coverage is inadequate. In the Uplink, the mobile signal is also amplified and retransmitted to the BTS via the opposite direction.


  • Compact design with convection cooling
  • ALC and AGC to ensure stable operation
  • Local monitoring via PC and remotely by wireless modem
  • High link power ensures up to 20 Km of transmission distance
  • Aluminum-alloy casing with waterproof, damp-proof IP65 protection
  • Filters with high selectivity and low insertion loss eliminate interference
  • Internal Li-Io battery ensure transmission of alarm messages during power failure