Frog Cellsat's range of Home Repeaters is an innovative solution to provide seamless network coverage to Small Office and Home Office environments (SOHO). Home Repeaters are light-weight, small-sized and have low power consumption that makes it ideal for indoor use. These products provide quick coverage solution for blind spots to reduce the number of dropped calls indoors. They are conveniently deployed at home/office with a Plug-and-Play design.

Home Repeaters provide coverage enhancement in all the major cellular technologies including CDMA, GSM, EGSM, DCS, UMTS and LTE. They can be operated in Single as well Dual band, depending on the application. Our range of Home Repeaters complies with all necessary conformance parameters as specified by ETSI and 3GPP. They are safe to be deployed at homes and offices without radiation issues.

*This product line is intended for overseas market only