Jumper cable is a small length and easily bendable (super-flex) corrugated cable used to connect antennas and other components of cellular network . It often connects BTS/RRU to antennas.

Frog jumper cables are specially developed for applications where low VSWR and low attenuation combined with low intermodulation products (low PIM) are required. Frog jumpers are factory made cable assemblies and can be ordered in different lengths. The assemblies are 100% tested for PIM, attenuation & return loss according to the standards.

Connector types

  • SMA type
  • QMA type
  • N-type
  • DIN type
  • 4.3/10 type
  • TNC/BNC/MCX type

Cable Assembly

  • RG-316 cable
  • RG-401 cable
  • RG-402 Cable
  • Flexiform RG 405 Cable
  • LMR Cable
  • 1/4” Super-flex Feeder Cable
  • ½” Super-flex Feeder Cable

Product Features

  • Low PIM
  • Excellent VSWR performance
  • High flexibility and small bending
  • Less dropped calls
  • High Pull-off strength
  • Weatherproof
  • Completely customizable assembly available