Frog Cellsat's Wide Band Repeater is the ultimate solution for rapid mobile coverage extension on all available networks in a particular wide band. It is a cost-effective solution for multi-operator systems in medium to large coverage applications as antenna-sharing systems are a requirement in many applications like subways, airports and shopping malls, farms and residential areas.

Frog Cellsat's Wideband Repeaters include single-band, dual-band and tri-band series which fully comply with all cellular services including GSM, CDMA, UMTS, Band-3 (LTE-FDD(1800)) & Band-5 (LTE-FDD (850)). Frog Cellsat's wideband repeaters guarantee higher system performance by using high-linear PA.


  • High Isolation between UL and DL
  • Support Multi-Operator and Multi-System
  • Auto protection for self-excitation resistance
  • Compact size, low power consumption and easy installation
  • Gain is adjustable, which enables more flexible applications
  • Low gain and noise figure, high linear design, and low interference to BTS
  • Advanced filter technique guarantees high performance for out of band rejection
  • Singe/Dual/Tri/Quad & Penta band repeaters are available.
  • Repeaters available with output power ranging from 20 dBm to 43 dBm.
  • For Europe Market, CE Certification available